Environment friendly pest control

pest control bangalore, always believes in Eco-friendly approaches for the removal of pests. Pest control is necessary to keep your homes and workplace free from any kind of pest infestation. Besides removal of pests, a pest control professional must emphasize on Eco-friendly approaches of doing so. It is always better to choose non toxic element, which come with the least possible damage.

Various companies are using chemicals to avoid pest infestations despite of the fact that it may affect the health of the people living in surroundings. Although, based on the level of infestation treatment should be given accordingly. So following are the steps, that the pest control professional needs to follow for environmental friendly pest control.

1. Inspection of the premises :

The professional needs to inspect the premises properly, in which the following things needs to be considered.

  • Implantation points of pests like – crevices or cracks.
  • Try to find their sources of feeding and living and various other signs of their activities.
  • Damages caused by the pests.

According to above factors a professional prepares a plan of actions.

2. Remove food and shelter of the pests :

It is necessary to remove the food sources and the place of shelter of the pests. Remove all those target hubs which attract pest infestation. For example : standing water, open food particles, trash, animal food and garbage.
Block crevices and hollow spaces in walls and ceilings.

3. Use low toxicity level pesticides :

Once the source of problem is identified the pest control professional needs to use various pesticides, which have a low toxicity level. If any chemical pesticides are to be used then their usage should be restricted only to the affected areas. A low toxicity levels pesticides are harmless to the living beings and environment.

4. Monitoring :

Monitoring is the last and final step, where the professionals visit the pest controlled premises in fixed time intervals to make sure that the surroundings are pest free. So that pro active actions can be taken before any further upcoming pest attacks.